Widglet Features

Full motion, color accurate ultra-low latency monitoring
Remote access from anywhere over your network
Real-time decision making across your entire broadcast chain
Multiple source streams, ST2110 elemental flows, with instrument views, and waveforms
Multiple views for a single source, to quad splits, and multiviwer tiles of many sources
 Combinations of video, audio, instrument views or waveform and vector scope layouts
Cameras with associated waveform/vector or diamond on a single monitor
Each Widglet instance can be tuned to a single service, where the service contains either:

  • ST 2022-6 SDI over IP stream with embedded Video, Audio and Ancillary
    Separate ST 2110 Video, Audio and/or Ancillary streams
  • Redundant streams according to ST 2022-7

Each Widglet instance can show one or more of

Service video with HDR
Service video scope, either waveform, vector or diamond
Service audio mono up to 64 channels
Service audio metering, 64 or 5.1, 7.1, 7.2+4
Room meters and monitoring
LKFS / LUFS Radar display
Time Code and Closed Captioning with decoding

Widglets Summary

WidgletsTM are HTML monitors for the VB440 monitoring and analysis tool.
They allow the probes to become truly multifunctional for monitoring IP Networks and extending their usefulness well beyond just test and measurement
Learn more about what you can do with Widglets, or request a quote for more stylized/customized instrument views, combinations of instrument views, video and audio with waveform, and vector scope layouts based on your individualized workflows and operational requirements

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